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Future Foundation- STEAM Summer StartUp 2015

(10th-12th graders & College Students)


  • Teamwork
  • I think we are supposed to strive fro greatness and be dedicated
  • Being creators will really keep your mind open
  • I learned that I have to actually start to possibly be successful, but i don't have to be great to start.  Also if I can spot a problem you can find a solution 
  • I learned that I can get through situations
  • I can use STEAM by using creative ways in everyday life situations by participating in STEAM I can see what Im interested in by doing research.
  • Helping is my strong suit
  • Authoritarian
  • Need is the mother of invention
  • I learned that creating something takes a little bit of every group
  • I like to think and be creative
  • I learned that time management and productivity is important
  • You can use STEAM in your everyday life 
  • I learned that I am a interpersonal person
  • Nothing was ever achieved without passion
  • It doesn't matter where you come from in order to be successful
  • Not to look at simple items as just something “simple” but something extravagant
  • Everyone has a mindset in common
  • My leadership style is Helper and how some apps have a lot in common
  • Money isn't everything
  • The type of things I can contribute as a helper
  • To expand my creativity
  • Im an interpersonal person
  • You can make time when you want to
  • Find creative things 
  • What Im interested in
  • Time is money
  • Find creative ways
  • Help us find what we are interested in
  • Creators
  • How to be organized
  • How to respond to questions
  • I may not know off the top of my head with a business
  • Always be apart or active in a group or business
  • Maximize my creativeness
  • Think outside the box
  • Embrace everyone and be more accountable
  • Be a better listener


AAMI (African American Male Initiative) at Georgia State University Summer Enrichment Program George Washington Carver & Booker T. Washington High School 

(10th-12th graders & College Students)


  • Success will come if you just get the work done in an orderly fashion.

  • Be supportive

  • I need to stop joking around so much, and to be a little more calm.

  • I would like to ask more questions

  • The goal

  • All the different types of persenalities works together

  • Stayed on task and completed my work

  • I helped with the project

  • To lead by example

  • I lead my team in the presentation

  • Leaders can be good or bad

  • I will miss using this chance to show my skills

  • I will miss the energy, the fact of being more creative

  • To earn trust you must give it first.

  • Be honest

  • Learn all the information before agree on something

  • Be respectful

  • You don't have to be a certain age to be successful

  • Teamwork makes the dreamwork

  • We need to do better as a race

  • There are more people interacting with the young black males

  • Not to disargree, but see another way.

  • That this program is based around teamwork

  • Trust is a valuable thing

  • I learned that you need to consider others to gain there trust

  • Trust is not easily gained

  • You have to work under someone to make your own plan

  • Be considerate of others and thier feelings

  • Trust is hard to get, but easy to lose.

  • AAMI helps African America Males better their life

  • Old men see dreams and young men see visions

  • A balanced team that has chemistry will win

  • To find opportunities and challenges for your personal growth

  • To take time to listen and receive feedback from others

  • To become a better listener

  • What it takes to be successful

  • Sell the dream then build the team

  • What people want and avoid in building an relationships

  • Success is not given,its earned

  • Never give up

  • Don't let society decide who you are

  • After my first day interacting with the fellow brothers of the AAMI, I can almost definetely say that this distinguished group of men are focused and determind to make a positive impact in their communities. I also thought to myself that this would be a great time to interact and network with other leaders as

    well as learn and embrace their ideas. Overall, I feel that my experience with the AAMI is going to be excellent and I know that my expectations will be exceeded.                                           - High School Senior

  • What I expect to get from this workshop is how to be a leader.This could be a opportunity for me to learn the skills that would make me a leader. They also could teach people how to start their own bussiness and take it to the next level.  They also tell you and show you what you should and shouldnot do at a job interview. There main purpose is to prepare us for the real world and to teach us how to be successful.

-College Senior

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